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Although the oldest social services agency in Birmingham, Gateway had limited awareness in the city. Our job was to reverse this situation.

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Gateway provides such an array of services – everything from supporting victims of abuse to financial counseling – that messaging can go any number of directions. What’s more, we wanted to increase awareness to two diverse audiences: individuals who might require assistance and potential donors.


No matter what problem people were facing in their lives, Gateway provided the one resource they all needed most: hope.


o2 rebranded Gateway and introduced a new tagline: The Way to Hope. With the new brand established, we launched an integrated campaign featuring a revised website, TV, online ads and cinema advertising. We also took advantage of free real estate by hanging oversized branded banners on Gateway’s buildings.


Contributions to Gateway increased 61%, from $1,050,927 to $1,692,807, in the year we introduced the new brand.

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