Daxko offers a very specific product to a very specific market: membership software for YMCAs and JCCs. It’s an easy market to saturate, because much of their work involves approaching current customers with additional software — such as their new Daxko Engage, a member retention-focused companion to Daxko Operations.

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Our target audience had already purchased Daxko Operations and would be resistant to spending additional money on more software.


At o2, we knew that the decision to buy the new software had to come as much from the heart as from the wallet. We needed these customers to appreciate the profound impact their centers have on their members, and to feel a responsibility for keeping those members active and engaged.


Two videos living on Daxko Engage’s website demonstrated the features of the product — but more than that, they reminded customers that their influence can change lives. Daxko Engage was presented as a tool that made it easier for customers to maintain relationships and serve their members’ needs, fulfilling a very fundamental mission of YMCAs and JCCs.


  • $120,000 in new opportunities across 4 YMCAs within the first week
  • $1 million projected sales
  • 176% of goal for leads after first video
  • 108% of goal for leads after second video
  • All from a $17,000 investment
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