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In 2014, Buffalo Rock Ginger Ale (BRGA) was ranked among the country’s 10 best regional sodas by Delish.com. Buffalo Rock Company wanted to capitalize on that distinction by creating a sales kit for restaurants and bars that promoted the ginger ale as a cocktail mixer.

Buffalo Rock Coasters


In an industry where many establishments are contractually attached to specific beverage brands, it takes more than a sales sheet to convert an owner.


Buffalo Rock Ginger Ale has a lot going for it, including a century-long history as a Southern favorite and a spicy ginger kick that makes every sip an adventure. These benefits positioned BRGA for a spicier campaign.


A very enthusiastic team at o2 concocted #BuffaloRocktails — classic cocktails made fresh and tingly with the Southern spice of Buffalo Rock. The Rocktails, and BRGA’s history, were celebrated with coasters, posters, print ads, social media campaign, website and kits to distribute to bar and restaurant owners during Birmingham Restaurant Week.


  • 3 restaurants flipped during Bham Restaurant Week 2015
  • 105% increase in visits to the Buffalo Rock Ginger Ale Amazon.com page (selling out twice)
  • 47% increase in Facebook Likes from July 1, 2014, to January 19, 2016
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"They have helped us launch, redesign and market our beverage products across the Southeast, and have been a key collaborator on a list of initiatives that can’t even be numbered."

James C. Lee III

Chairman of the Board & CEO, Buffalo Rock

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