Make Happy Happen

Yeah, let’s do that. Let’s create something cool.
Do something different. Change something for the better.

Because the thing of it is, happy is our thing. It informs our every action,
colors our every decision and makes us fun to be around.

We live to put smiles on faces, laugh at the impossible,
and do great things that do a lot of good.

We’re the can-do people who can and do.
We are o2. And we make happy happen.

Shelley Stewart

Our History

o2 has a past like no other.

It started in 1958 when a tie salesman in Shreveport, LA, treated a man with respect. Not really that extraordinary, until you understand that the man was our founder, Shelley Stewart, who happens to be African-American. A decade later, Shelley and the tie salesman, Cy Steiner, started an agency in Birmingham, Alabama. Over the past 48 years, something about that chance encounter stuck with us. That one act of kindness found its way to the core of what we became. It’s still here. It still drives us today. And it helps us to hire people and build relationships with clients who also believe in the power of kindness, respect and happiness.

Core Values

We’re about ideas.

We continually push ourselves to create better and smarter ideas
that help our clients and our company succeed.

Be good.

Our company was built on a foundation of respect. To this day, we treat everyone the way we want to be treated.

Do good.

By keeping our word, fulfilling our promises and doing the right thing, we build relationships grounded in openness and honesty.

We got this.

A can-do spirit inhabits o2. We adapt, flex and go above and beyond to make even the seemingly impossible, possible.

No egos.

We are a team. We pitch in, have each other’s backs and put the goals of our clients and company before our own.

What We Do

In a nutshell, we help our clients achieve their goals. More customers.
More recognition. More engagement. Whatever they want. We do whatever it takes.

  • Advertising
  • Brand Development
  • Direct Marketing
  • E-Commerce
  • Email Marketing
  • Employment Branding
  • Event Planning
  • Media Planning and Placement
  • Mobile Optimization
  • Package Design
  • Public Relations
  • Research
  • SEO
  • Social Media
  • Strategic Planning
  • Trade Show Exhibits
  • Video and Broadcast
  • Web Design and Development


We’re honored to make happy happen for our friends and
partners at some of the world’s most admired companies.